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College Degrees or College Education? On Obama's College Scorecard
THR: The Hedgehog Review Blog (2015)
  • Johann N. Neem, Western Washington University

The much-awaited, much-debated Obama College Scorecard has just been released. Some reports have described it as a retreat by the administration, with President Obama caving to pressure from a chorus of college and university leaders. But if the failure to include a numerical ranking of the evaluated schools is a compromise, it is an insignificant one. Close examination shows that the Scorecard effectively supports the administration’s broader effort to redefine the purpose of higher education as the preparation of young Americans for high-paying jobs. The real question, of course, is whether we should be happy about this administration victory.

  • Higher Education Reform; Liberal Education; Education Policy; Higher Education Policy
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Johann N. Neem. "College Degrees or College Education? On Obama's College Scorecard" THR: The Hedgehog Review Blog (2015)
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