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The Future of Neuroimaged Lie Detection and the Law
U. Akron L. Rev.
  • Joelle A. Moreno, Florida International University College of Law
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Neuroscience will certainly change law. In fact, neuroscience research has the potential to influence a vast range of legal decisions. To the extent that neuroscientists increasingly make claims that neuroimaging reveals cognition, even the most unimaginative prognosticator might predict: (1) the preliminary investigative use of neuroimages to enhance witness interviews and police interrogations (including but not limited to lie-detection), (2) jury selection based on neuroimages that appear to reveal jurors' unconscious stereotypes or biases, and (3) arguments about intent or sentencing based on neuroimage-enhanced explanations of behavior and predictions of dangerousness.


(solicited symposium article)

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Joelle A. Moreno. "The Future of Neuroimaged Lie Detection and the Law" U. Akron L. Rev. Vol. 42 (2009) p. 717
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