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Is Mark's Gospel an Apology for the Cross
Bulletin for Biblical Research
  • Joel F Williams, Cedarville University
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Robert H. Gundry's impressive and detailed commentary on the Gospel of Mark is a book built on a central thesis, that Mark wrote an apology for the cross. Mark presented Jesus as a powerful and supernatural savior in order to reach Gentile unbelievers who were stumbling over the shamefulness of the crucifixion. This article argues that the description of miracles within Mark's Gospel, the teaching of Jesus on discipleship, and the passion narrative itself, all create problems for Gundry's approach to Mark's audience.
  • Mark,
  • apology,
  • cross,
  • christology,
  • miracles,
  • discipleship,
  • passion narrative
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Joel F Williams. "Is Mark's Gospel an Apology for the Cross" Bulletin for Biblical Research Vol. 12 Iss. 1 (2002) p. 97 - 122
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