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About Joel M. Drotts Esq.

Curriculum Vitae


American Studies, Creative Writing, Digital Humanities, Film and Media Studies, History, Cultural History, Diplomatic History, History of Religion, Intellectual History, Labor History, Legal, Political History, Public History, Social History, United States History, Theory and Criticism, Other Arts and Humanities, Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Ethics and Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Other Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies, Religion, Rhetoric and Composition, Other Rhetoric and Composition, Rhetoric, Scandinavian Studies, Business, Education, Law, Communications Law, Computer Law, Constitutional Law, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration, Estates and Trusts, Evidence, First Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Law, Internet Law, Jurisprudence, Land Use Law, Law and Economics, Law and Gender, Law and Philosophy, Law and Politics, Law and Psychology, Law and Race, Law and Society, Law Enforcement and Corrections, Legal Education, Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Legal History, Legal Writing and Research, Legislation, Marketing Law, Organizations Law, President/Executive Department, Privacy Law, Public Law and Legal Theory, Rule of Law, Second Amendment, Sexuality and the Law, Social Welfare Law, Taxation-Federal Estate and Gift, Torts, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Communication, Economics, Leadership Studies, Legal Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration, Sociology, and Urban Studies and Planning

Research Interests

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September 2006 - May 2009 Juris Doctorate, John F Kennedy University

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Measuring Learning as an Investment in Business (3)

Business Intelligence and Human Resource Management (4)

data privacy (1)

Education and Consumer Awareness of Data Privacy Issues (8)

homeless policy (1)

Law (3)

Law Privacy Rights and Data (3)

Media and Communication (2)