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Credit consumers in Brazil and the realization of human rights
Cadernos de Direito (2016)
  • Joedson Delgado, University Center of Brasília – UniCEUB
This article discusses aspects of the human rights structure in front of a consumer credit protective bias, using the hypotheticaldeductive method and also the literature research. Therefore, the analysis will take into account the consumer credit access, which has been increased in the same proportion as problems inherent to them. Positive and negative effects of this protection, related to the balance between the interests of debtors and creditors, are discussed, in order to prevent
fraud and ensure clear information to the consumer credit. The conclusion is that, despite these important advances, some gaps remain, such as the predatory lending and excessive burden.
  • Consumer credit,
  • Consumer protection,
  • Human rights,
  • Predatory lending,
  • Excessive burden
Publication Date
Winter November 29, 2016
Citation Information
Joedson Delgado. "Credit consumers in Brazil and the realization of human rights" Cadernos de Direito Vol. 16 Iss. 31 (2016) p. 1 - 23 ISSN: 1676-529-X
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