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Transgenic: a philosophical view
Revista Duc in Altum: Cadernos de Direito (2015)
  • Joedson Delgado, University Center of Brasília – UniCEUB
Genetic Modification, also known as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), are in permanent expansion in terms of technological development, but is still controversial their ethical-philosophical foundation. Represent a recent humanity bet to maintain the economic growth of a capitalist society by replacing cultivars of genetically manipulated, which are more resistant to drought and pests, avoiding bulky economic losses. This paper discusses the ethical question about the effects are unknown to the introduction of products with modified genes in the ecosystem in attaining this will / economical choice on the plant species towards future generations. To this end, assesses the contributions of two of the most important classical philosophers on the subject, Arthur Schopenhauer and Immanuel Kant, and a dialogue of the latter two with other modern thinkers.
  • Genetic Modification,
  • Economic growth,
  • Cultivars,
  • Ecosystem
Publication Date
Winter January 16, 2015
Citation Information
Joedson Delgado. "Transgenic: a philosophical view" Revista Duc in Altum: Cadernos de Direito Vol. 7 Iss. 13 (2015) p. 233 - 258
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