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Co-creation of the service encounter experience: A customer critic approach
Journal of Marketing Management (2014)
  • Joanna Minkiewicz, Melbourne Business School
  • Jody Evans, Melbourne Business School
  • Kerrie Bridson, Deakin University

Whilst the body of work around co-creation has grown, co-creation continues to be considered from a value perspective with key questions, such as what is actually being co-created remaining unanswered. This article moves beyond value to experiences and explores co-creation of the consumption experience. The research examines the manifestations and antecedents of co-creation of the consumption experience from a consumer angle and presents a co-creation framework. Customer critic analysis with consumers from two exemplar heritage organisations is used to investigate co-creation. The findings illuminate the prevalence of deliberate consumer co-creation efforts revealing three facets of co-creation: personalisation, engagement and co-production. This paper addresses a gap in S-D logic theory, arts/heritage and broader marketing literature by distinguishing between co-creation of value and co-creation of the consumption experience and proposing a definitive conceptualisation of the latter. The proposed model progresses the co-creation discussion to an empirical level and provides a foundation for future research.

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Joanna Minkiewicz, Jody Evans and Kerrie Bridson. "Co-creation of the service encounter experience: A customer critic approach" Journal of Marketing Management (2014)
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