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Making Learning Meaningful: An explatory study of using multi-user environments (MUVEs) in middle school science.
Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences Faculty Publications
  • Jody Clarke-Midura, Utah State University
  • C. Dede
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American Educational Research Association (AERA)
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Many researchers are exploring the types of learning that occur in videogame play, yet the content of these environments tend not to align to national standards for academic content. This study examined what happens when a mutli-user virtual environment (MUVE) centered on content related to national standards and assessments in biology and ecology is used to teach middle school science in an urban public school. Detailed analyses of student descriptions of learning experiences in regular science class and in the MUVE environment were documented. Results show that participating in the curriculum lead to increased engagement in science class. Levels of student engagement and learning are presented in four in depth case studies.

Citation Information
Clarke, J. & Dede, C. (2005). Making learning meaningful: An exploratory study of using multi- user environments (MUVEs) in middle school science. Paper presented at the American Education Research Association, Montreal.