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Protecting children from harm in juvenile detention
Alternative Law Journal
  • Jodie O'Leary, Bond University
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O'Leary, J. (2016). Protecting children from harm in juvenile detention. Alternative Law Journal, 41(4), 239-243.

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© 2016 Jodie O’Leary

In ABC’s Four Corners exposé on the abuse of children at the Don Dale detention centre, interviewee barrister John B Lawrence said: If I treated my children like that, the authorities would take my children from me quite properly so because I would be behaving cruelly to them. And, following the ABC’s 7:30 Report showing mistreatment at a Queensland Youth Detention Centre, solicitor Debbie Kilroy tweeted about the ‘Child abuse by State’. When a parent harms their child, a complaint can be made and the State has the power to remove that child from the parent’s care. For example, in the Northern Territory (‘NT’) a child is considered in need of care and protection if, among other things, a parent has caused harm to the child. Harm is any significant detrimental effect to the child’s ‘physical, psychological or emotional wellbeing [or development]’
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Jodie O'Leary. "Protecting children from harm in juvenile detention" Alternative Law Journal Vol. 41 Iss. 4 (2016) p. 239 - 243 ISSN: 1037-969X
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