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Patrick Wilson Reference: Practice Rooted in Theory
Reference Reviews (2015)
  • Jodi Kearns, University of Akron
This paper aims to examine Patrick Wilson’s 1977 essay, Public Knowledge, Private Ignorance, which emphasizes practice rooted in theory. Modern reference work ought to look back to this 35-year-old essay to be reminded of the intent of reference practice by considering Wilson’s discussion. This paper examines Wilson’s decades-old thesis and applies it to reference work and reference resources for today’s information professionals. The crux of Wilson’s essay remains relevant today when applied to reference work and information-seeking. This essay leaves readers with practical tips for reference work rooted in theory, and also expands on Wilson’s 1977 essay from a contemporary viewpoint, providing guidance for modern reference librarianship.
Publication Date
Winter February, 2015
Citation Information
Jodi Kearns. "Patrick Wilson Reference: Practice Rooted in Theory" Reference Reviews Vol. 29 Iss. 2 (2015)
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