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Doing Things with Information: Beyond Indexing and Abstracting
  • Brian C O'Connor, University of North Texas
  • Jodi Kearns, University of Akron
  • Richard L Anderson, University of North Texas
The relationship between a person with a question and a source of information is complex. Indexing and abstracting often fail because too much emphasis is put on the mechanics of description and too little on what ought to be represented. Research literature suggests that inappropriate representation results in failed searches a significant number of times, perhaps even in a majority of cases. Doing Things with Information seeks to rectify this unfortunate situation by emphasizing methods of modeling and constructing appropriate representations of such questions and documents. Students in programs of information studies will find focal points for discussion about system design and refinement of existing systems. Librarians, scholars, and those who work within large document collections, whether paper or electronic, will find insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the access systems they use.
Publication Date
August 30, 2008
Libraries Unlimited, Greenwood Publishing Group
Citation Information
Brian C O'Connor, Jodi Kearns and Richard L Anderson. Doing Things with Information: Beyond Indexing and Abstracting. Westport(2008)
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