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What the Law Doesn't Understand: My Dog is Not a Couch
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  • Jodi Lazare, Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law
  • Peter Sankoff
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News Article
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  • Animals and the law,
  • property,
  • companion animals

When couples separate, sorting out who gets to keep the furniture is always complicated. But it’s usually easier than deciding who gets to hold on to the family dog. In the courts however, these two very different questions are treated the same way. However much our senses might tell us otherwise, to the law a dog is simply a “thing” – something to be purchased, owned and transferred. This needs to change. It’s time for the legal system to recognize that companion animals are not furniture.

Citation Information
Jodi Lazare & Peter Sankoff, "What the law doesn't understand: My dog is not a couch", The Globe and Mail (23 March 2018), online: < > [].