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Syngas production by water electrolysis
  • João F Gomes
  • João Bordado
  • Siria Rossi
This work consists, as a first step, in the synthesis gas (syngas) production and optimization through a one step innovative 1 kW prototype of alkaline water electrolysis (patented), using graphite electrodes and without separation of gases (containing CO, CO2, H2 and small amounts of O2). Thanks to the state-of-the-art achieved before this work, the electrolyte used is sodium hydroxide (NaOH), with a composition equal to 0.4 M. The behavior of the syngas composition and flow rate has been studied and optimized, changing operational parameters such as temperature, pressure and current intensity, and testing two different stacks. Afterwards, the best syngas composition has been sent into a catalytic reactor (filled with a Ni/CaO-Al2O3 catalyst) for the second aim of this work: preliminary tests on the methane production, at 1 bar and different temperatures.
  • Alkaline water electrolysis; Synthesis gas; Graphite electrodes; Methane
Publication Date
March 17, 2016
LAP Lambert Publishers
Citation Information
João F Gomes, João Bordado and Siria Rossi. Syngas production by water electrolysis. Saarbrucken(2016)
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