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Till fabric and grain-size analysis of glacial sequences in the Upper Sil River Basin, Cantabrian Mountains, NW Spain.
Physical Geography (2013)
  • Javier Santos-González, University of Leon
  • João A. Santos, University of Coimbra
  • Rosa Blanca González-Gutiérrez, University of Leon
  • José María Redondo-Vega, University of Leon
  • Amelia Gómez-Villar, University of Leon
Fabric and grain-size analysis of eight deposits present in the Upper Sil River Basin palaeoglacial system of northwest Spain were used to interpret till types and to reconstruct the glacial paleoprocess history of this region. They are represented by lodgement, deformation, and melt-out tills. The first, representative of glacial advance stages, present cluster fabrics and are generally composed of poorly sorted and finer sediments. Melt-out and deformation tills, representative of stages of glacial stability followed by fast recession, present transitional to girdle fabrics and are composed of poorly sorted coarser sediments. In any case, multiple criteria, including lithological, clast-shape, or structural data, support these directional and grain-size observations. These sequences, most of them located in the snout area of the Sil palaeoglacier, are important in the reconstruction of glacial dynamics due to poor preservation of landforms related to the maximum glacial advance. This palaeoglacial system was formed by multiple tributaries and had an extension of over 450 km squared, with the Sil paleoglacier being 51 km long during its maximum glacial advance.
  • glacial geomorphology,
  • till fabric,
  • grain size,
  • Cantabrian mountains
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Javier Santos-González, João A. Santos, Rosa Blanca González-Gutiérrez, José María Redondo-Vega, et al.. "Till fabric and grain-size analysis of glacial sequences in the Upper Sil River Basin, Cantabrian Mountains, NW Spain." Physical Geography Vol. 34 Iss. 6 (2013) p. 471 - 490
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