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Supporting Parents With Mental Health Needs in Systems of Care
Systems and Psychosocial Advances Research Center Publications and Presentations
  • Barbara J. Friesen, Portland State University
  • Judith Katz-Leavy
  • Joanne Nicholson, University of Massachusetts Medical School
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Department of Psychiatry
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Parenting; Parents; Family Relations; Mental Disorders; Mentally Ill Person; Community Mental Health Services

Summary: Community-based systems of care (SOCs) must address both the needs of parents with mental illness and the needs of their children. Learning more about the challenges faced by SOCs in this area, and the strategies they implement to overcome them, provides insights with implications for the broader field. This project was intended to learn more about efforts to assess parents’ mental health needs, effectively engage and support them, and improve system coordination and access to services to inform service delivery and system reform, especially for those involved in both child welfare and mental health. This report presents information gathered from a small sample of federally funded SOC communities between March and October 2010. Project directors, lead family contacts, clinical supervisors, family partners, and other staff , along with representatives of partner organizations, especially child welfare, generously shared information about their approaches to policies and practices designed to support whole families—children, youth, and parents or other caregivers.


Friesen, B., Katz-Leavy, J., & Nicholson, J. (2011). Supporting Parents With Mental Health Needs in Systems of Care. Washington, DC: Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Family Mental Health.

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Barbara J. Friesen, Judith Katz-Leavy and Joanne Nicholson. "Supporting Parents With Mental Health Needs in Systems of Care" (2011)
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