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Contribution to Book
Clean Water Scarcity (1950s-present)
CQ Press Guide to U.S. Environmental Policy (2014)
  • Joanna Endter-Wada, Utah State University

Examination of three fundamental dilemmas that underlie U.S. water policy in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century: 1) how to provide equitable access to the relatively small amount of fresh water for growing and often competing human uses; 2) how to ensure that water of adequate quality is available at places and times needed to support different types of uses; and 3) how to manage water upon which all life depends in ways that balance human and environmental needs.

Publication Date
Sally K. Fairfax and Edmund Russell
Congressional Quarterly Press, an Imprint of Sage
Citation Information
Endter-Wada, J. 2014. Clean Water Scarcity (1950s-present). In the CQ Press Guide to U.S. Environmental Policy, edited by Sally K. Fairfax and Edmund Russell, SAGE/CQ Press, Los Angeles, CA, USA, pp. 299-310.