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Software Engineers Helping Themselves: The Web Resource Collaboration Center
ILT Faculty Publications
  • Joanna C. Dunlap, School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver
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By implementing knowledge management features in an EPSS-like structure, the WRCC provided a more effective performance solution that was in alignment with the firm’s business objectives, making sure that both the employees’ learning and performance needs and the firm’s needs were addressed (Stone & Villachica, 2003). The activity of building a WRCC helped the software engineers learn about new tools and languages in the software engineering domain, while constructing a knowledge base to support their future learning and professional development in that domain. In addition, their work on the WRCC helped software engineers strengthen their connections to the larger software engineering communities of practice while they developed a local learning community that encouraged sharing, coaching and mentoring. Ultimately, the firm was able to reduce their reliance on conventional training by 70% - their original goal — by allowing the software engineers to create and use an on-the-job learning architecture that was more situated, social, transparent, open, flexible and respectful of their workplace learning and professional development needs.

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Dunlap, J.C. (2004). Software engineers helping themselves: The Web Resource Col- laboration Center. TechTrends, 48(2), 40-46.