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From Pixel on a Screen to Real Person in Your Students' Lives: Establishing Social Presence Using Digital Storytelling
ILT Faculty Publications
  • Patrick R. Lowenthal, Boise State University
  • Joanna C. Dunlap, School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver
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The Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework is a comprehensive guide to the research "and" practice of online learning. One of the most challenging aspects of establishing a CoI in online courses is finding the best way to attend to each element of the CoI framework in a primarily text-based environment. In our online courses, we have examined the use of digital storytelling as a way to break down the barriers that can get in the way of achieving a healthy and productive CoI. In this paper, we describe how we use digital storytelling to establish our social presence as instructors.
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Lowenthal, P.R., & Dunlap, J.C. (2010). From pixel on a screen to real person in your students' lives: Establishing social presence using digital storytelling. Internet and Higher Education,13(1-2), 70-72.