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Engaging Diverse Learners: Enhanced Approaches to Classroom Management
How classroom management is viewed in educational settings has undergone major shifts in the past fifty years. The emphasis on “management” has been replaced, with the focus on facilitating an environment that supports diverse students to successfully engage in the learning processes. To meet the challenging demands of this new practice, K-12 educators are called to revisit and reflect on their teaching experiences and practices. In this volume, educators are invited to explore the most current strategies for student engagement related to motivation and self-regulation of learning theories, with a focus on equitable practices anchored in the Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework and in Socio-Emotional Learning. The dimensions of classroom management presented here focus on proactive strategies for student engagement rather than reactive behavior management.  This volume explores topics essential to enhancing classroom environments for diverse students: motivating learning, fostering relationships, creating personalized learning settings, expanding learning opportunities for culturally and linguistically diverse learners, emphasizing the importance of communication, and fostering social-emotional learning. In this book, both new and seasoned educators can find thought-provoking opportunities to grow in self-awareness and the unique needs of their 21st-century diverse students.  
Publication Date
September, 2022
Joanna Alcruz and Maggie Blair
Rowan & Littlefield
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Engaging Diverse Learners: Enhanced Approaches to Classroom Management. 1(2022)
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