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Cognitive strategies in the classroom (KDP Webinar)
Kappa Delta Pi: Teacher Toolbox Series (2020)
  • Joanna Alcruz, Molloy College
  • Mubina Schroeder
How can cognitive science offer insight into pedagogy and support learners to be more successful? In this webinar recording, discover the latest research in cognitive science and how to use this research in your teaching and learning practices, including learning with high-utility strategies and self-regulation approaches for students, as well as how to use motivation and metacognition to give students agency over their learning and avoid academic procrastination. 
Publication Date
September, 2020
Citation Information
Joanna Alcruz and Mubina Schroeder. "Cognitive strategies in the classroom (KDP Webinar)" Kappa Delta Pi: Teacher Toolbox Series (2020)
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