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Toward a Theology of Beauty
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  • Jo Ann Davidson, Andrews University
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The natural world exhibits God’s artistic nature. Though God designed and appointed the great beauty of both the desert sanctuary and the Jerusalem temple, He insists that the exquisite lily from His own hand is still more beautiful than the greatest artistic manifestation from Solomon’s time (Luke 12:27). Thus it is not surprising that both the Old and New Testaments include rejoicing over the beauty of the created world. The poetic Psalter, along with many biblical books, brim with praise for the Creator and His creation. Accordingly, we are instructed that the study of the natural world can aid in lifting our minds to our Creator, the Master Artist.

Retrieved June 29, 2015, from Perspective Digest

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Perspective Digest
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Jo Ann Davidson. "Toward a Theology of Beauty" Vol. 18 Iss. 3 (2013)
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