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About Joan C. Stevenson Dr.

Dr. Stevenson's areas of expertise include ADHD, anthropological genetics, biosocial evolution, historical demography of Mennonites, medical anthropology, osteology, European immigrants and evolutionary theory. She has published many articles on aspects of migration. Her people interest has focused largely on European migrations both within Europe and to the Americas. Dr. Stevenson's classes include methods and statistics, human/primate evolution, osteology and forensic anthropology, and medical anthropology.
Masters theses specializing in biological/medical anthropology have included studies of cultural variation in perception of childbirth pain, analysis of bone material from archaeological sites, genetic marker frequencies in Mennonite populations, women and American obstetrics, and anthropometric evidence for catch-up growth in children in Southeast Asia living in the U.S. Also, she doesn't hesitate to call on expertise from outside the Department from exercise physiologists from Physical Education with anatomical knowledge and anthropometric skills, and a medical anthropologist from Fairhaven College.


Present Professor, Department of Anthropology, Western Washington University Department of Anthropology

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Phone: 360-650-4784
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Department of Anthropology
Western Washington University
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