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Scholarship and the Academic Librarian
College & Research Libraries
  • William K. Black, Iowa State University
  • Joan M. Leysen, Iowa State University
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In order for librarians to succeed within the academic model, an environment must be established that recognizes the interplay of activities in the three areas of performance (teaching, research, and service). This environment requires clear criteria for performance, opportunities for and assistance with scholarly activities, a schedule that is conducive to the academic model, clear delineation of faculty and support staff responsibilities, adequate training, and broad criteria for assessing contributions. This article addresses the importance of a holistic view to the. academic model of librarianship and suggests a system for providing support and judging performance.

This article is from College & Research Libraries 55, no. 3 (May 1994): 229–241. Posted with permission.

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American Library Association
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William K. Black and Joan M. Leysen. "Scholarship and the Academic Librarian" College & Research Libraries Vol. 55 Iss. 3 (1994) p. 229 - 241
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