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Use of information resources by veterinary practitioners
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  • Nancy L. Pelzer, Iowa State University
  • Joan M. Leysen, Iowa State University
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Veterinary practitioners are often isolated from easy access to information in medical or hospital libraries, making necessary the use of a variety of information resources. A survey was conducted to assess the extent to which various information resources were used within the veterinary profession. Most responding veterinarians were small-animal practitioners who used the veterinary literature, colleagues, diagnostic laboratories, continuing education courses, association meetings, and pharmaceutical representatives as sources of information. Books and other practitioners were the preferred information source in critical-care situations, followed closely by diagnostic laboratories and journals. For keeping up-to-date with current advances in veterinary medicine, journals, books, other practitioners, and continuing education were used. University extension services, veterinary medical libraries, and computer applications to information use were not important resources ot most of the respondents. Many veterinarians indicated that they would use library services if they knew more about them. With the trend toward computerization in veterinary practice, it is possible for libraries to help reduce the information isolation of many veterinary practices.

Published in Bulletin of the Medical Library Association 79, no. 1 (January 1991): 10–16 by the Medical Library Association.

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Nancy L. Pelzer and Joan M. Leysen. "Use of information resources by veterinary practitioners" (1991)
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