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Supply and Demand for Catalogers: Present and Future
Library Resources and Technical Services
  • Joan M. Leysen, Iowa State University
  • Jeanne M.K. Boydston, Iowa State University
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This paper presents results from a fall 2003 survey of heads of cataloging at Association of Research Libraries United States academic libraries. The survey focused on the current number of professional catalogers and their responsibilities as well as future projections for demand for catalogers and thoughts about their roles. The study found that the numbers of professional catalogers are remaining constant or decreasing, and approximately one-third are projected to retire in the next decade. In addition, the role of the professional cataloger is perceived as continuing to evolve toward more cataloging-related activities and management and less direct cataloging. Most respondents predicted the professional cataloger has a role in the future and felt prepared for that future. Some respondents suggested that metadata cataloging would be a growing role in that future. This paper concludes with additional questions about the future of professional catalogers and cataloging.

Published in Library Resources & Technical Services 49, no. 4 (October 2005): 250–265 by the American Library Association.

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American Library Association
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Joan M. Leysen and Jeanne M.K. Boydston. "Supply and Demand for Catalogers: Present and Future" Library Resources and Technical Services Vol. 49 Iss. 4 (2005) p. 250 - 265
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