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Library use and information-seeking behavior of veterinary medical students revisited in the electronic environment
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  • Nancy L. Pelzer, Iowa State University
  • William H. Wiese, Iowa State University
  • Joan M. Leysen, Iowa State University
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Veterinary medical students at Iowa State University were surveyed in January of 1997 to determine their general use of the Veterinary Medical Library and how they sought information in an electronic environment. Comparisons were made between this study and one conducted a decade ago to determine the effect of the growth in electronic resources on student library use and information-seeking behavior. The basic patterns of student activities in the library, resources used to find current information, and resources anticipated for future education needs remained unchanged. The 1997 students used the library most frequently for photocopying, office supplies, and studying coursework; they preferred textbooks and handouts as sources of current information. However, when these students went beyond textbooks and handouts to seek current information, a major shift was seen from the use of print indexes and abstracts in 1987 towards the use of computerized indexes and other electronic resources in 1997. Almost 60% of the students reported using the Internet for locating current information. Overall use of electronic materials was highest among a group of students receiving the problem-based learning method of instruction. Most of the students surveyed in 1997 indicated that electronic resources would have some degree of importance to them for future education needs. The electronic environment has provided new opportunities for information professionals to help prepare future veterinarians, some of whom will be practicing in remote geographical locations, to access the wealth of information and services available on the Internet and Web.

Published in Bulletin of the Medical Library Association 86, no. 3 (July 1998): 346–355 by the Medical Library Association.

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Nancy L. Pelzer, William H. Wiese and Joan M. Leysen. "Library use and information-seeking behavior of veterinary medical students revisited in the electronic environment" (1998)
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