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Contribution to Book
School discipline and the law in Australia
Global interest in student behavior: an examination of international best practices (2014)
  • Joan M Squelch, The University of Notre Dame Australia
A cornerstone for effective teaching
and learning is vested in the quality of the way in which students focus
on the content of their lessons. The chapters in this book, then, offer
cross-national perspectives on best practices when dealing with the
challenge of student misconduct. The chapter authors, all distinguished
academics and/ or jurists, have contributed their reviews of the state
of the law and practice in their nations. As readers peruse the
chapters, they will recognize that the way in which educators address
student discipline varies around the world. 
Publication Date
Charles J. Russo, Izak Oousthuizen and Charl C. Wolhuter
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Citation Information
Squelch, J. (2014). School discipline and the law. In C. J. Russo, I. Oosthuizen, and C. C. Wolhuter (eds). Global Interest in Student Behaviour. Rowman & Littlefield: Maryland USA