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Workplace health and safety: managing the risk of workplace bullying
Legal Issues in Business (2012)
  • Joan M Squelch, The University of Notre Dame Australia
  • Robert Guthrie, Curtin University

Workplace bullying is a threat to work health and safety. Bullying can create an unsafe, hostile, and threatening working environment. This article addresses workplace bullying in the context of health and safety laws with particular reference to the application of key provisions of the new model Work Health and Safety Act. To ensure a safe work environment, businesses have a duty and responsibility under work health and safety legislation to proactively manage risks, which includes a comprehensive and systematic approach to identifying, assessing, controlling and monitoring workplace bullying. Importantly, businesses have a duty to educate employees about their responsibilities in relation to workplace bullying.
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Squelch, J., and Guthrie, R. (2012). Workplace health and safety: managing the risk of workplace bullying. Legal Issues in Business, 14, 9-18