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Employer perspectives on essential knowledge, skills and attributes for law graduates to work in a global context
Legal Education Review (2014)
  • Duncan Bentley, Victoria University
  • Joan M Squelch, The University of Notre Dame Australia
There is much agreement among legal academics and
practitioners that law schools need to deliver law programs that
take cognisance of global developments and the increasing
emphasis on internationalisation.1 It is further recognised that law
graduates need to be prepared for work across multiple
jurisdictions and in a wide range of employment contexts that
extend beyond local private legal practice.2
This article addresses the question of how internationalisation
is affecting what employers want from Australian law graduates
and consequently what law graduates need from their legal
education both to secure jobs and to be as effective as possible as
new employees in an ever changing global environment. The
article is based on research undertaken as part of an Office of
Learning and Teaching Project aimed at understanding the
knowledge, skills and attributes that are essential for law graduates
working in a global, multi-jurisdictional environment, and the
implications for internationalising the Australian law curriculum.3
The article first describes the context from an Australian
perspective for the investigation, with an analysis of relevant
literature. It identifies trends and thinking from three perspectives:
employers of Australian law graduates; Australian education; and
Australian legal education. Secondly, the article sets out the
research question and the research approach. Thirdly, it reports on
and briefly discusses the qualitative research findings from
roundtable discussions with employers of law graduates. Finally, it
draws conclusions based on the literature and findings from the
employer roundtable discussions.
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Bentley, D., and Squelch, J. (2014). Employer perspectives on essential knowledge, skills and attributes for law graduates to work in a global context. Legal Education Review, 24(1), 93-114