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The limits of working with children cards in protecting children
Australian Social Work (2009)
  • Budiselik William, Curtin University
  • Frances Crawford, Curtin University
  • Joan M Squelch, The University of Notre Dame Australia
In 2006 Western Australia passed legislation that introduced a system to check criminal
records and issue permits to those who wish to work with children. In 2007, the
legislation was described by the minister responsible as a ‘‘powerful system that would
prevent harm to children’’. This paper explores that system and identifies limits to its
effectiveness. The paper concluded that unless the system’s limits are fully appreciated
there is a possibility of a paradoxical outcome, whereby children’s lives will be less safe. It
also raises the question of whether in the area of record checking a national approach is
not preferable to each state and territory developing its own system.
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Citation Information
Budiselik, W., Crawford, F. and Squelch, J. (2009). The limits of working with children cards in protecting children. Australian Social Work, 62(3), 339-352. DOI: 10.1080/03124070902964624