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A Review of Practicing the Truth by Ellery Akers
Marin Poetry Center Newsletter (2015)
  • Joan Baranow, Department of Literature and Languages, Dominican University of California
Wow. That's what I kept murmuring to myself as I read Ellery Akers's new book of poetry,Practicing the Truth. Selected by Alicia Ostriker for the 2014 Autumn House Press Award, Akers's long-awaited book is as exhilarating as it is instructive, the poetry of a woman who's lived long enough, thought and felt long enough, to have gained a clear perspective on her past, and has something essential to offer us—poems as elemental as ore, "rubbled," as she says, "... with zircon and black glass." ~ excerpt from review
Publication Date
April, 2015
Citation Information
Joan Baranow. "A Review of Practicing the Truth by Ellery Akers" Marin Poetry Center Newsletter Vol. 18 (2015)
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