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The long shadow of Winston Peters
On Line Opinion (2011)
  • Jo Coghlan, Southern Cross University
On 26 November New Zealanders will vote in a national election and vote in a referendum on the voting system. The referendum asks voters a two-part question: if they want to retain the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) voting system (voted in at a referendum in 1993 and first used at the 1996 election) and what is the preferred alternative voting model: First Past the Post (FPP), Preferential Voting (PV), Single Transferable Votes (STV) or Supplementary Member (SM) voting. Polling indicates New Zealanders are likely to vote to retain MMP.
  • NZ election 2011
Publication Date
November 23, 2011
Citation Information
Jo Coghlan. "The long shadow of Winston Peters" On Line Opinion (2011)
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