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Working the system: a model for system-wide change in pre-service teacher education
Australian Journal of Teacher Education
  • Jo-Anne Ferreira, Griffith University
  • Lisa Ryan, Griffith University
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Peer Reviewed
This paper reports on a study undertaken to identify the strategies and models used to facilitate curriculum change within teacher education institutions. Findings indicate three main approaches, which we name the ‘resource development’, ‘action research’ and ‘contextual change’ models. A new model that combines the best features of each is proposed. In this paper we provide a brief overview of the three models, a rationale for the new model being proposed, and a discussion of the systems theory concepts underpinning the model. It is our contention that the Mainstreaming Change model provides a structure for change to occur simultaneously at a number of levels within a teacher education system. We conclude by discussing some issues that may facilitate or limit the effectiveness of the model in practice
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Ferreira, J & Ryan, L 2012, 'Working the system: a model for system-wide change in pre-service teacher education', The Australian Journal of Teacher Education, vol 37, no. 12, pp. 29-45.

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