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Implementing the IVAC model: lessons from an Australian case
Health Education Research
  • Jo-Anne Ferreira, Griffith University
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This paper discusses the engagement of a primary school teacher with a democratic approach to the teaching of environmental health education as part of a Health Promoting Schools project The Investigation—Visions—ActionChange (FVAC) model developed by Jensen was used to give students an opportunity to define a local health or environmental problem of significance to them, to acquire knowledge about the problem, to envision possible solutions and then, based on these, to take some action to address the problem. The paper discusses two constraints faced by the teacher when using this model and makes suggestions for ways in which to overcome these.
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Ferreira, J & Welsh, G 1997, 'Implementing the IVAC model: lessons from an Australian case', Health Education Research, vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 473-478.