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Contribution to Book
Resilience in development
Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology (2009)
  • Ann S. Masten
  • J. J. Cutuli
  • Janette E. Herbers
  • Marie-Gabriel J. Reed
  • Resilience,
  • Child Development,
  • Protective Factors,
  • Risk Factors,
  • Competence
Publication Date
C. R. Snyder & S. J. Lopez
Oxford University Press
Citation Information
Masten, A. S., Cutuli, J. J., Herbers, J. E., & Reed, M.-G. J. (2009). Resilience in development. In C. R. Snyder & S. J. Lopez (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology, 2nd ed. (pp. 117 - 131). New York: Oxford University Press.