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Decentralized Control of Vehicle Formations
Systems & Control Letters (2005)
  • Gerardo Lafferriere, Portland State University
  • A. Williams, Portland State University
  • John S Caughman, IV, Portland State University
  • J. J. P. Veerman, Portland State University
This paper investigates a method for decentralized stabilization of vehicle formations using techniques from algebraic graph theory. The vehicles exchange information according to a pre-specified communication digraph, G. A feedback control is designed using relative information between a vehicle and its in-neighbors in G. We prove that a necessary and sufficient condition for an appropriate decentralized linear stabilizing feedback to exist is that G has a rooted directed spanning tree. We show the direct relationship between the rate of convergence to formation and the eigenvalues of the (directed) Laplacian of G. Various special situations are discussed, including symmetric communication graphs and formations with leaders. Several numerical simulations are used to illustrate the results.
Publication Date
September, 2005
Citation Information
Gerardo Lafferriere, A. Williams, John S Caughman and J. J. P. Veerman. "Decentralized Control of Vehicle Formations" Systems & Control Letters Vol. 54 Iss. 9 (2005)
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