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I Like It, But Is It Good? Identifying Quality Writing
SoTL Commons Conference
  • Peggy J. Lindsey, Georgia Southern University
  • Jinrong Li, Georgia Southern University

Jinrong Li, Georgia Southern University

Research Proposal / Learning Theories and Pedagogy

Even when faculty clarify evaluation criteria through the use of rubrics, students often interpret and apply the criteria differently from faculty (Li and Lindsey, 2015). This can be particularly true for writing assignments. This presentation explores a new methodology for improving student understanding of quality writing across disciplines and genres. It describes initial findings of a mixed-method research study designed to test the efficacy of key word rubrics – rubrics that consist solely of essential descriptive terms rather than detailed criteria. The presenters will share preliminary data on the effectiveness of this methodology and its potential for application across disciplines.

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Peggy J. Lindsey and Jinrong Li. "I Like It, But Is It Good? Identifying Quality Writing" (2017)
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