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Technology for French Learning: A Mismatch Between Expectations and Reality
CALICO Journal (2012)
  • Aliye Karabulut, Iowa State University
  • Kimberly Levelle, Iowa State University
  • Jinrong Li, Georgia Southern University
  • Ruslan Suvorov, Iowa State University
Technology use in language learning has been one of the primary foci of research in CALL (Chapelle, 2001). While most studies concentrated on the role and effectiveness of specific tools for language learning, few examined technology from a broader perspective considering learners' and teachers' expectations, perceptions of technology, and rationales for using it.  This gap in research, therefore, necessitates a more holistic approach to the study of technology for language learning (Basharina, 2007; Thorne, 2003) to investigate the relationships among different elements within a learning environment.

The qualitative study reported in this article explored the use of technology for language learning in a third-year French class at a public university in the Midwest of the USA. Specifically, following an Activity Theory framework, this multiple-case study examined the relationships between students' reasons for using different types of technology and the instructor's rationale for using technology in the French class. The analysis of interviews conducted with the participants throughout a semester revealed a mismatch between the students' and teacher's rationales for using technology for French learning. The findings suggest that to make technology-enhanced language learning more effective, instructors should assess students' use of technology, their preferences and needs, and structure class activities and assignments accordingly.
  • Class Activities,
  • Educational Technology,
  • French,
  • Qualitative Research,
  • Expectation,
  • Public Colleges,
  • Holistic Approach,
  • Case Studies,
  • Interviews,
  • Student Attitudes,
  • Teacher Attitudes,
  • Student Needs,
  • Student Teacher Evaluation,
  • Second Language Instruction,
  • Computer Assisted Instruction,
  • Second Language Learning,
  • Technology Uses in Education,
  • Undergraduate Students,
  • Student Surveys,
  • Measures (Individuals),
  • Assignments,
  • Social Theories
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Aliye Karabulut, Kimberly Levelle, Jinrong Li and Ruslan Suvorov. "Technology for French Learning: A Mismatch Between Expectations and Reality" CALICO Journal Vol. 29 Iss. 2 (2012) p. 341 - 366 ISSN: 0742-7778
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