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About Jingwei Xie

Dr. Jingwei Xie is a senior scientist at the Marshall Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (MIIR). He received his B.S. (1999) and M.S. (2002) from Nanjing University of Technology in China. He earned his doctorate in chemical and biomolecular engineering from the National University of Singapore. Dr. Xie’s doctoral research was focused on the development of biomedical devices using electrohydrodynamic atomization technique. After graduation, he joined the Xia group at Washington University in St. Louis as a postdoctoral fellow, working on the fabrication of nanostructured materials by electrospinning technique, with a focus on their biomedical applications in peripheral nerve injury repair, tendon-to-bone insertion repair, differentiation of stem cells, wound healing and drug delivery. He is the co-inventor on three patents, was co-investigator of a National Institutes of Health-funded pilot project and has co-authored more than 30 peer-reviewed journal articles.
Xie has more than 10 years experience in biomaterials, tissue engineering, micro-/nanofabrication, biosurfaces, formulations, drug delivery, biotechnology and nanotechnology.
His group at the institute focuses on bionanotechnology and collaborates with researchers at Marshall’s new Center for Diagnostic Nanosystems, where scientists are working to apply advances in nanosensor technology to improve the accessibility and capabilities of rural health care resources. He also collaborates with researchers in the university’s College of Science and College of Information Technology and Engineering.


Present Senior Scientist, Marshall Institute for Interdisciplinary Research, Marshall University

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