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Polarization-Dependent Third-order Optical Nonlinearity of BaAlBO3F2 Crystal
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics
  • Fang-Qin Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Nan Zong, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Yin-Chao Yue, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Feng Yang, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Qin-Jun Peng, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Da-Fu Cui, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Jing-Yuan Zhang, Georgia Southern University
  • Zhang-Gui Hu, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Zu-Yan Xu, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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We investigated the third-order optical nonlinearity of a new nonlinear optical crystal BaAlBO3F2 (BABF) using Z-scan technique with a picosecond 532-nm laser. Polarizationdependent nonlinear refractive index γ of the BABF crystal was measured with an a-cut sample and a sample cut along the type I phase-matching angle for third-harmonic-generation of lasers at 1064 nm (THG-cut). Anisotropy was observed with positive γ values in the range of 10−16 cm2/W, indicating selffocusing Kerr effects. The measurements agreed well with the theoretical prediction. The corresponding third-order nonlinear optical susceptibility χ(3) ef f was estimated to be ∼10−14 esu.
Citation Information
Fang-Qin Li, Nan Zong, Yin-Chao Yue, Feng Yang, et al.. "Polarization-Dependent Third-order Optical Nonlinearity of BaAlBO3F2 Crystal" IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics Vol. 49 Iss. 9 (2013)
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