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Toroidal orbifolds `a la Vafa-Witten
Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (2007)
  • Jimmy Dillies, Georgia Southern University

We classify orbifolds obtained by taking the quotient of a three tori by abelian extensions of Z/n x Z/n automorphisms, where each torus has a multiplicative Z/n action (n=3,4 or 6). This 'completes' the classification of orbifolds of the above type initiated by Donagi and Faraggi (hep-th/0403272) and, Donagi and Wendland in the cases n=2.

  • Algebraic geometry,
  • High energy physics theory
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Jimmy Dillies. "Toroidal orbifolds `a la Vafa-Witten" Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics 11.4 (2007).