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Open access to professional information
IMS Bulletin (2007)
  • Jim Pitman, University of California, Berkeley

This IMS Presidential Address was given at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Salt Lake City, August 2007. There are now two competing business models for scholarly communication: the traditional Gated Access model, supported by library subscriptions, and the Open Access model, supported by some combination of author fees, sponsorship and advertising. IMS has adopted a mixed model by assisting authors to post their work on arXiv, while still retaining journal subscriptions, by allowing all journal content to become open after a suitable delay, and by supporting a mixed portfolio of gated and open journals. Providing access as openly as possible consistent with continued revenue streams from supporting organizations serves well the IMS interest of disseminating professional information and protecting the scientific knowledge base from commercial control.

  • scholarly communication,
  • business models,
  • professional journals,
  • open access,
  • copyright,
  • publishing
Publication Date
October, 2007
Citation Information
Jim Pitman. "Open access to professional information" IMS Bulletin Vol. 36 Iss. 8 (2007)
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