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Technical Note: Friction Factor Diagrams for Pipe Flow
  • Jim McGovern, Dublin Institute of Technology
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Working Paper
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This working paper refers to diagrams that are published through the NDLR:

This technical note describes diagrams of friction factor for pipe flow that have been prepared using, mainly, the equations that Lewis Moody used to prepare his famous diagram in 1944. The preparation of the new diagrams was prompted by the need for vector graphics versions that could be used for teaching purposes and that could be distributed freely to students and others under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike license. Using a structure very similar to that of Moody's diagram, variants with the Darcy friction factor and the Fanning friction factor have been prepared. In addition, variants have been prepared that include not only monotonic roughness curves, but also inflectional roughness curves.
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McGovern, J.: Technical Note: Friction Diagrams for Pipe Flow. Dublin Institute of Technology, 2011.