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Double Trouble: A Ryan/Lehrer Mystery
  • Jim Lacey, Eastern Connecticut State University

Double Trouble is an entertaining page-turner. The disappearance of a controversial history professor from his sailboat on the Connecticut shore initiates a web of intrigue that brings an attractive cast of characters to New York City and Washington, D.C. They include savvy and hapless academics, a popular administrator who is not what he claims to be, a smart and sexy law student, a middle school teacher with a shadowy past, and two precocious kids. What begins as a halfhearted exploration of a local mystery at a small state college in New England by amateur sleuths Jim Ryan and Rob Lehrer leads to the discovery of the Knights of Malta’s involvement in violence and the shenanigans of the state department in Latin America during the Reagan administration. Double Trouble is cheerful, romantic at times, and full of surprises. Readers who like upbeat conclusions will not be disappointed.

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Jim Lacey. Double Trouble: A Ryan/Lehrer Mystery. (2010)
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