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A Business Librarian Finds Inspiration in PICO
Academic BRASS
  • Jim Kelly, University of Northern Iowa
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Not quite a year ago I found myself in a familiar situation. A one-shot instruction session was fast approaching. It was for a professor and class project that I knew from prior semesters: a marketing research class in which student teams work on specific business questions or problems put forth by local clients (small businesses, non-profit groups, campus organizations, etc.). The semester-long project involves a mixture of both primary and secondary market research. My role in these sessions is to introduce the students to some key library resources and search techniques to help them find secondary research to inform their projects. To this end, I began to assemble some PowerPoint slides (a mixture of old material and new) highlighting key sources and useful search techniques (Boolean operators, truncation, brainstorming synonyms and related terms, etc.). I also started to consider what examples I would use when demonstrating the databases in class. I aspired to come up with some interesting examples (to better engage the students’ minds and to keep myself interested), but my mind kept reaching for old standbys: a restaurant and bar, a coffee shop, an ice cream shop, etc.

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Jim Kelly. "A Business Librarian Finds Inspiration in PICO" Academic BRASS Vol. 13 Iss. 2 (2018)
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