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Animal-Companion Extremes and Consumer Underlying Themes
Journal of Business Research (2008)
  • Jill R Mosteller, Dr., Portland State University

Pet expenditures have doubled over the past ten years, reflecting the growing involvement of Americans and their pets. The goal of this research was to explore the meanings and roles pets play in peoples' lives. Consumers caring for multiple animals – ranging from six to 100 – informed this study. Rescuer and caretaker were two themes that emerged from the interviews. Relationship theory helps explain the drivers behind pet-acquisition growth. A consumer–pet relationship framework is used to identify factors that may influence the strength and duration of consumer–pet relationships.

  • Consumers,
  • companion animals,
  • relationship theory,
  • roles,
  • involvement
Publication Date
May, 2008
Citation Information
Jill R Mosteller. "Animal-Companion Extremes and Consumer Underlying Themes" Journal of Business Research Vol. 61 Iss. May (2008)
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