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The Executive Power of Process in Immigration Law
Chicago-Kent Law Review (2016)
  • Jill E. Family
The role of the executive branch in enforcing immigration law is the subject of renewed focus. In the academic realm, the spotlight rests on the executive branch itself, as opposed to lumping together both Congress and the executive as the political branches. This new focus on the executive branch alone creates space for scholars to approach thorny separation of powers and federalism questions surround the president's exercise of discretion in enforcing immigration law. In the political realm, the contours of the executive's discretionary authority in immigration law have become a point of contention between the president and Congress and have seeped into the public discourse. This article adds to the renewed scholarly focus by examining across executive branch agencies the role of procedure in the president's exercise of authority over immigration law. This article extracts themes from some prominent procedural mechanisms that accompany executive power over immigration law.
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Jill E. Family. "The Executive Power of Process in Immigration Law" Chicago-Kent Law Review Vol. 91 Iss. 1 (2016) p. 59
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