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Interview with Bonnie Tijerina, Fellow at the Data and Society Institute
The Charleston Advisor (2014)
  • Jill Emery, Portland State University
In June 2014, Bonnie Tijerina announced through various social media outlets that she would be leaving her position as the head of Electronic Resources and Serials at Harvard University to become a Fellow at the Data and Society Institute. This is an exciting and interesting new job shift from the traditional library positions that Bonnie has held in the past at Harvard, UCLA, Claremont Colleges, Georgia Tech Institute of Technology, and North Carolina State University. We wanted to learn more about the Data and Society Institute and the role a librarian can play in informing the work accomplished there. This interview was conducted via e-mail through the months of July and August 2014 and provides a wonderful example of how librarians are moving beyond the traditional library landscape into other engaging work environments but still keeping the social engagement of librarianship at the forefront of their career.
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Publication Date
Fall October 20, 2014
Citation Information
Jill Emery. "Interview with Bonnie Tijerina, Fellow at the Data and Society Institute" The Charleston Advisor Vol. 16 Iss. 2 (2014)
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