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The Easy Button: Integrating OA Buttons into ILL Workflows
NWILL (2018)
  • Jill Emery, Portland State University
  • Robin Champieux, Oregon Health & Science University
  • Xan Arch, University of Portland
  • Isaac Gilman, Pacific University
The session reported on preliminary research into the potential impact of the OA Button and Unpaywall on ILL lending and borrowing activities across four Orbis Cascade Alliance libraries. We will share our initial analysis on how these tools could be used to provide open access versions of requested materials and the resulting cost savings and workflow efficiencies for institutions.
  • OA tools,
  • ILL
Publication Date
Fall September 14, 2018
Portland, OR
Citation Information
Jill Emery, Robin Champieux, Xan Arch and Isaac Gilman. "The Easy Button: Integrating OA Buttons into ILL Workflows" NWILL (2018)
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