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Teaching Gerontology in Counselor Education
Educational Gerontology
  • Fred Stickle, Western Kentucky University
  • Dr. Jill D. Duba, Western Kentucky University
Publication Date

First published in Educational Gerontology, v.32: 247-259, 2006, Copyright cTaylor & Francis Group, LLC. DOI: 10.1080/03601270500493974

Mental health needs of older persons are projected to grow significantly over the course of the next years. Consequently, the need for training counselors to work with the aging population is presented. Addressed are 4 curriculum models, as well as areas of training related to geriatric counseling, that can be incorporated into counselor training programs. Finally, specific suggestions and procedures for counseling the elderly are included.
Citation Information
Fred Stickle and Dr. Jill D. Duba. "Teaching Gerontology in Counselor Education" Educational Gerontology Vol. 32 (2006) p. 247 - 259
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